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Natural Heritage at the Service of Modern Beauty

Men and women have always sought toembellish or topreservesr their appearance, exploringthe virtues of plants to heal and enhance yourself. These ancestral traditions of beauty herbalism, sources of inspiration for major contemporary brands, bear witness to theundeniable effectiveness of natural remedies. However, in our current capitalist world, the omnipresence of chemical products in our daily lives calls for increased vigilance, particularly for these supposedly "natural" products but often altered by phytosanitary treatments.

Faced with this observation, the philosophy of Natural Sofya takes root. Convinced that nature offers all the answers to our needs and expectations, we are committed to selecting products from responsible agriculture, thus honoring our responsibility towards the health of each person and the planet.

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A Commitment for All

Aware ofchallenges to take on to launch a brand with a small budget, Natural Sofya is determined to make entrepreneurship in cosmeticsaccessible to everyone. We break down barriers by acceptinglow minimum ordersand proposing apersonalized support, so that each project, small or large, can flourish. This presents an ideal opportunity to test the market without the pressure of quickly selling out a large stock before the expiration date.

Vert à l'intérieur

Expertise and Quality without Compromise

Our expertise is evident in every product we create, ensuring not only impeccable quality but also full traceability, free of any harmful substances. By working closely with local producers and women's cooperatives in Morocco, we ensure that every ingredient reflects our commitment to fair trade and responsible beauty.

Why Choose Natural Sofya?

         Superior quality

Our products are designed to be in perfect symbiosis with your skin and nature.


We offer solutions to suit all budgets, without ever compromising quality.


         Personalized support

From idea to market, we are with you every step of the way.


         A single contact

Anxious to make your project a reality, we use our network to allow you to concentrate on your marketing. 


Welcome to an adventure where your project becomes the heart of our passion.


Joining Natural Sofya means choosing a partner who believes inyour success as much as you. We are here to turn your dreams intotangible reality, with products that respect the planet and delight your customers.

Discover the Natural Sofya universe, where beauty rhymes with ethics and accessibility.

Together, let's redefine the standards of the cosmetics industry for a greener and fairer future. 

LET’S GO! Let's talk about your project

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