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Create the Visual Identity of Your Brand

At Natural Sofya, we believe that an exceptional formulation deserves packaging that reflects its image. Our goal is to support you in creating unique packaging that reflects the spirit of your brand, by offering you a wide range of customizable options.

At Natural Sofya, your vision becomes reality.

From initial design to production, our team guides you every step of the way to create packaging that not only protects and highlights your product but also tells the story of your brand. Contact us to transform your ideas into distinctive and memorable packaging.


Choice of Bottle

We provide you with a diversity of shapes and materials so that your product stands out at first glance:

  • Shapes: Bottle, pot, cylindrical, square base, flat, or special shape.

  • Materials: Standard glass, frosted glass, PET, PP, PE, SAN, and many others.

  • Colors: Transparent, translucent, opaque (white or colored), pearlescent, and more.


Case Options

The external packaging of your product is just as important. We propose :

  • Cardboard Quality: Select the weight and texture.

  • Printing: Bright colors, hot stamping, or relief for an impeccable presentation.

  • Finishes: Varnish, lamination, for increased protection and shine.


Decoration Techniques

Personalize your packaging further with our different decoration techniques:

  • Screen printing: One or more colors for an elegant finish.

  • Hot stamping: Gold or silver finishes for a premium appearance.

  • Labels: Choice of white or transparent, for a design that suits you.


Custom Bottle

For those seeking total exclusivity:

  • Assisted Design: By computer for a precise and innovative design.

  • Manufacturing: Possibility of creating unique molds for plastic injection & glass or extrusion.

  • Eco-responsibility: Opt for renewable materials, such as plastic from seabed cleaning, affirming your environmental commitment.

Contact us to transform your ideas into distinctive and memorable packaging.

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