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 “Nature is a universal and sure teacher for those who observe it!”

Carlo Goldoni


Our materialsfirsts

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From plant to powder

Our plant powders are the result of fine grinding whole plants or their specific parts, followed by careful sieving to ensure a consistent texture.

Entirely natural, these powders offer you the possibility of creating creamy cosmetics loaded with beneficial active ingredients.

We guide you in selecting the powders best suited to your cosmetic needs and objectives, thus ensuring the success of your formulations. 

From plants to vegetable oils

Our vegetable oils, extracted exclusively from oilseeds by first cold pressing, fully retain their active ingredients to offer you superior quality, without roasting, guaranteeing 100% purity. Concerning non-oleaginous materials, we use a cold maceration method in a neutral carrier oil to effectively capture the active ingredients. These oils, entirely natural, constitute the very essence of our cosmetic products.


From plants to essential oils

Our essential oils, renowned for their delicate aromas, offer a natural alternative to synthetic fragrances, enriching your products with precious active ingredients. Extracted by steam distillation, an ancestral method recognized for its ability to isolate aromatic essences, our oils are 100% pure and natural. Their lightness allows them to float and be collected by overflowing.

The resulting water, rich in the water-soluble components of the distilled essence, is what we call Hydrolat or Floral Water, capturing the very essence of the plant.

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Whether you are a manufacturer, a laboratory, or looking for quality raw materials for the creation of your cosmetic products, Natural Sofya is your partner of choice. We offer youwe have a varied selection of raw materials, whether natural or industrial, from the four corners of the world to enrich your creations.

Commitment and Quality

Our commitment is to collaborate directly with producers, thus eliminating intermediaries. This approach allows us to guarantee traceabilityflawless andfair prices, ensuring you have ingredients of the highest qualityhigh quality for your products.

Simplify Your Purchases

With Natural Sofya, free yourself from import constraints andsimplify your purchasing processes. In us itChoosing as a partner, you opt for ease, transparency and excellence.

A ParteTrust

We are more than a supplier; we arethe partner who understands your needs and is committed to supportingyour success. Let Natural Sofya be the pillar you can rely on for all your cosmetic raw material requirements.

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